Report: Data Warehouses Are Heading To The Cloud

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Unisphere Research Report uncovers the trends that are driving analytics workloads to the cloud, including real-time analytics and machine learning.  

Data strategies are now commonplace, machine learning adoption has doubled in a year, and data warehouses are still a go-to tool for most data-driven organizations, according to a recent research report on database trends and applications in business developed by Unisphere Research.

More than 80 percent of organizations either have or are considering implementing a data warehouse, according to the report. And many of these are already making use of cloud technology for their analytics workloads. In fact, 41 percent of respondents with a data warehouse indicated they’re running at least a portion of the warehouse in the cloud. And those numbers are only increasing.

“Among those not yet running their data warehouse in the cloud, close to half, 48 percent, are planning or considering a move to the cloud,” the report reads, adding that most planned moves are likely at least two years away.

Other findings within the report provided a further vivid illustration of how organizations of all stripes are rapidly becoming more data-driven:

  • Nearly 100 percent of respondents have a documented data strategy, with 92 percent indicating the strategy is used to inform decision making. 
  • A combined 49 percent said real-time analytics are either critical at their organization or are about to be implemented.
  • Neatly 50 percent said they’re either considering or already have formal DataOps and MLOps processes.
  • 48 percent said they use machine learning, with another 20 percent of respondents considering implementing the technology.
  • 65 percent said they either have or are considering implementing a data lake, with 45 percent of data lakes driven by Hadoop and nearly 30 percent by cloud-native platforms.
  • Of all concerns around cloud technology, data security (63%) was the most prevalent followed by data governance (56%) and performance (50%).

The report, sponsored by Pythian, canvassed more than 240 IT and data leaders from a broad sample of organizations of all sizes. It explored data technology initiatives such as machine learning, data lakes, Hadoop, the cloud, and data warehouses – as well as how all these technologies are converging as organizations become more data-driven.

You can download the report here.



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