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The end is nigh for Adobe Flash at My Oracle Support. The first step will happen during this weekend’s planned maintenance of My Oracle support, when all of MOS will be down for 5 hours starting at midnight eastern, Saturday January 28. Once it comes back up, the unadvertised non-Flash will come up as a quasi-user acceptance test of the new application, while the flash-based stays as-is. And once the bugs get worked out (“in the coming months”), the flash-based will cease to exist and point to the new HTML-based site.

The flash-based My Oracle Support came out in 2009, and had laudable aims of pushing processing from app servers to client browsers, reducing the need to reload the same data, and intending to reduce response times. It was a long and painful gestation in which I experienced many hangs, stale data, excessive memory usage, and flash and full-browser crashes, resulting in‘s quiet release. Recently though I’ve found the site to become much more stable, especially after session-timeout handling was cleaned up. But I suspect that the death knell came from the growing population of non-Flash iPad users, as well as the desire to use Oracle’s standardized Application Development Framework for both stability and marketing, rather than the one-off custom-built flash UI.

The new application is touted to provide easier 3-step service request creation, and yet another revision of the process for creating hardware SRs.

My main request for the site developers is not to break URL syntax; many documents, especially notes on MOS itself, reference notes in the form, or (not to mention patches), and a short mod_rewrite recipe could avoid a lot of broken links. And if they could make links to Oracle’s internal site (also common in MOS notes) transparently redirect to the external site, that would be a bonus.



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There is also a mobile version of My Oracle Support, also non-Flash.

Marc Fielding
January 27, 2012 9:57 am

@jimmyb: Indeed there is; it’s rather limited in functionality (SR create/view/update), so I normally do, even from mobile devices.

Christoph Ruepprich
January 30, 2012 6:34 pm

Yay! I’m so stoked! I can finally use CTRL-F in my browser to find stuff on the web page!

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