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Today was a mini-Pythian day at RMOUG. Both Alex and myself gave two presentations each. My first session was on using LDAP with Oracle Applications. It was at 8:30am and there were a few brave souls that fought the snow and icy road conditions to make it. The group was small and I was pleasantly surprised that almost everyone in the room indicated that they were currently using LDAP, although most were NOT using Oracle LDAP offering ( Oracle Internet Directory).

George Trujillo was presenting on MySQL for the Oracle DBA in the same room, so I stayed and learned a few things. Although I must have been really tired as I missed his comments on the Blackhole engine for database replication. George also shared some of his experiences from customer sites visits. All in all, I am glad I stayed.

Riyaj Shamsudeen had an interesting session on De-bunking the Myths about redo-undo-rollback. I enjoyed this presentation style of making an assertion and challenging us as to whether it was true or not. Naturally he had demonstrations to prove each case. The presentation was informative, yet easy to follow and understand.

I managed to sneak in for part of George Trujillo’s session on Demystifying Middleware Technologies. I am sorry that I had to miss the first part of it, as I had to run through my demos for my presentation that followed.

I was lucky enough ( a little tongue in check there!!) to present the last session of the day on Oracle 11g DataPump. It was very fulfilling to present as most of the attendees had export / import experience and had not started using Data Pump yet.

Although I will not be partaking in the after-conference skiing, tonight I plan on joining several other Oracle Geeks for a dinner in the mountains. And when I say Oracle Geek, I mean that in the kindest, loving way. Hope to get lots of hugs ! ;-)

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