RMOUG Training Days 2010 Round Up

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RMOUG was over last week but I haven’t got back until earlier this week and I finally managed to clean up the backlog of things I missed so I could write the conference wrap up. After the RMOUG, I went skiing with a bunch of good friends and discovered a great skiing resort of Breckenridge. This is me at the peak 8 summit:
Alex Gorbachev @ Breckenridge, Peak 8 Summit

These were great times except one day with the questionable results of an experiment to find a recipe for the perfect hangover that I and Mogens Nørgaard have conducted. Well, the science does require sacrifices…

Back to the conference…

I have really enjoyed few technical sessions that I managed to attend. I want to mention couple that I liked especially. I managed to attend the full session by Robyn Sands about adopting variance to performance troubleshooting and performance acceptance — lots of interesting goodies. I have also enjoyed High Performance Oracle on NFS from Jeff Needham. Jeff has been instrumental helping me in number of projects and I think anybody who is thinking to run Oracle on NFS should attend Jeff’s session and learn “The Formula” covering all the basics of a successful Oracle on NFS storage stack.

I have been honored to participate in the opening keynote amongst other Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors including Stanley. By the way, if you haven’t read yet Stanley’s report from Oracle ACEs Sharks Dive at Denver Aquarium, read it.

Alex Gorbachev holding Stanly at the RMOUG10 keynote

Actually, I think there were number of Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors on the floor that deserved to be on that stage far more than I did but I digress. One of the most interesting topics we touched was cloud computing and Oracle. I should say that I have already planned the whole line up of blogs on cloud computing so stay tuned — they are coming.

My own presentation was on the second day of the conference, closer to the end, and I estimated close to 50 attendees. It was good attendance I think but the hall did felt somewhat empty-ish as it was the largest hall at the conference (triple size). The presentation went very well — even experiences folks learned some lessons and generally folks showed good level of interest. I have uploaded the slides if you want to review them.

Since this blog post has so many photos, I want to finish with another one from Denver Aquarium — it’s me not freaking out of sharks around. They were very friendly.

Alex Gorbachev diving with sharks at Denver Aquarium

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