US-EU Safe Harbor Framework Invalidated – It’s time to Love Your Data!

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Pythian has been closely following the developments in the EU relating to the invalidation of the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework.

On Friday, November 6, 2015, the European Commission issued guidance on the cross-border data transfer issues. This guidance spoke more to “alternative transfer tools” available to legitimize data flows to jurisdictions deemed “not adequate,” like the United States.

If you do transfer data and rely on Safe Harbor principles, we recommend you:

Keep Calm
Don’t rush to other transfer mechanisms that may turn out to be less than ideal.

Love your data!
What personal data you are transferring outside the EU?
Where is it going?
What arrangements have you made to ensure that it is adequately protected?

Carry on and call Pythian
We can help you mitigate your risk of incidex* and prepare you for the pending EU regulation, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) slated to become law by end of 2015 and will mandate that all companies with EU customers follow the new rules wherever they’re based by 2018.

*Incidex: Today’s formula for total cost of ownership isn’t the traditional capex + opex + long-term expenses. Instead, there’s another more important cost component in today’s application landscape that Pythian refers to as “incidex”, or the cost of not investing in technologies that will secure and protect your revenue generating systems. If you redefine TCO as capex plus opex plus incidex, it’s a more holistic approach. And you can use the holistic TCO analysis to justify an investment in security technology.



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