My sales journey: #1

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I have been an entrepreneur my whole career. Always pushed towards or gravitated towards making business better. After having successfully sold my last venture and taking a pause I am starting a brand new journey in Sales and want to document it through its ups and downs. The goal of this series of posts is not only to document my journey but to be immersed in yours as well. I would love to hear from you if you are in Sales whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting to tread the waters. My hope is that reading these posts will inspire, create new avenues to reach out to like minded people and above all create a discussion that is meaningful and drives success.

Week 1 in the life of a newly minted Sales Development Professional

Last week was long and short at the same time. I love the fact that Pythian has a strong on boarding process. It adds a sense of purpose and you are constantly meeting with people or being taught new things. All the meetings are timed and managed perfectly to not overload with information but temper you slowly into its process.

By day 4 I had already had my first sales meeting, met with the head of HR, IT, Security, Business Development, CRO and Sales Directors as part of my orientation. I had read white papers, corporate decks, got onto Salesforce and been initiated in to the Delphic Academy – Pythian’s very own professional development platform.

After my first week I was excited to conclude it with lunch with my team and my PNG commander last Friday. What commander you may ask? Here at Pythian, I have my very own Pythian Next Generation Commander to mentor new employees and help them transition into the workplace. Yes! We have a thing like that!

So, my first week was not about Sales but I have a feeling that by the end of this week we will be diving right in to it. Stay tuned! Please do tell me about your “first week experiences” whether they are a month old or 25 years old. Looking forward to hearing from you.



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