My sales journey: #2

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Goldfish jumping into the sea

It is Week 2 at Pythian and one thing that is becoming clear to me is that I am surrounded by people trying to create value for clients or be valuable themselves. The more we innovate and think about doing things in new interesting ways the more engaged we become in our work. Sales, with its endless outreach and prospecting may seem tedious to many of us, so in creating an atmosphere of engagement, team spirit with lots of jokes thrown in can make the day less daunting.

This week is definitely more intense than the last one. The scope of on-boarding has more than doubled. I have attended initiation sessions with VP’s of Infrastructure and Service Delivery and I have shadowed every member on the sales team to learn their approach and hopefully take the best of it and create my own.

Salesforce is a “force” if you have never done it before with a big learning curve. Being computer and web savvy definitely goes a long way to figure out its intricacies. I am lucky to have a sales research team to help build lists and provide support. Another perk about working at Pythian!

Its Friday! The week flew past me in a good way. My on-boarding check-list is complete, this post is almost done, the first few calls to get me started are complete and so are the first few emails! Nothing beats starting the first day of the week feeling accomplished.

If you are reading this I would love to hear from you about your experience just starting out in Sales or if you are seasoned and have some tricks to share. Looking forward to hearing from you!



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