My sales journey: #3

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This week started off with the last on boarding session with the CEO himself. It was my favorite for many reasons. It was passionate the way it can be when you build something from nothing with blood, sweat and tears and it resonated with me having been down that path myself. You hear it in the tone of their voice and the pride in their eyes. That BORG (boarding of recruited gurus!) is the inspiration for today’s post. Here are my takeaways from Week 3:

To be effective in a sales role you need to speak like a CEO, learn your product inside out and when people listen to you they must hear how amazing your product/service is without you ever saying how amazing it is. Your passion will shine through by your demonstrated knowledge.

Outreach needs organization as it demands many different tasks to be done at once. It is a daunting task but I am sure it will get better as I learn how to get the best out of my day. I am lucky to have a set up that allows me focus like two big screens, headsets, phones and most of all a manager who is there to assist and actively involved to make sure I succeed.

Being flustered is normal! You know that moment when you are making calls and leaving voice messages and suddenly you get a live one! You mumble your way through it and think Wow! I could have been so much better. I had one of those moments this week and it made me go out and do research and find better questions to ask. I chalk it down to my learning curve and move on.

As a rookie, your team is your support structure. Again, lucky to be surrounded by people who collaborate, take the time to help out, craft email templates and show you how its done on the phone. Without all that this fish jumping into unknown waters would certainly drown.

It’s been a good week! Share this with your rookies or if you are rookie tell me how your week was. Looking forward to hearing from you.



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