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Yesterday morning, I let myself to sleep longer — I had to be rested before my presentation as the previous evening went quite late. I also had to review my slides and, finally, complete them with couple finishing touches. That means I couldn’t make couple morning sessions. I decided to go to a presentation about Enterprise Manager. Not that I was aiming to learn something new about the product but I was interested to compare my experience with others and the sessions served the purpose quite well.

My own presentation went probably well as far as I could judge following up with people later in the day. The session was in Hall 5, which is a relatively large room — it fits 300+ people. However, the problem in the room was that the light on the speaker (me) was very bright and the light on the audience was dimmed so I couldn’t really see the faces! That meant I couldn’t see the nods, whether the audience is following me as well as their reaction so I couldn’t be sure that my jokes worked (I think I heard few snickers) and this made me even more worrying. According to the information from a reliable source, I looked more worried than usual. I’m afraid this time I couldn’t hide it well enough – I’m always tense at my presentation.

Just before my session I bumped into Jonathan Lewis during lunch time and he asked me if it’s true that I fell asleep in the middle of his session. To give you some background, I complained to my very good mate (don’t want to mention his name in this context ;) how tired I was on Monday and that I was falling asleep on *every* session and, oh horror, I felt I could start snoring sitting in the first row on Jonathan’s presentation. I said that seeking for an excuse for leaving the conference early to have a short power nap but it seems that some people can’t keep secrets! My good intent (have a rest to avoid confusing speakers seeing me asleep on their presentation) turned into an indirect “feedback” that Jonathan’s session was boring. Naturally, Jonathan’s question added to the stress before my presentation. Someone reading these lines will feel guilty I hope. ;-)

I have to say that today I’ve seen the best session on this conference for me so far — ASM internals by Luca Canali. Well done Luca and thanks for the good material!

Yesterday, I had excellent dinner at the nice Indian restaurant with bunch of Oak Table Network members. Traditionally for this conference, I finished the evening at Tap and Spile but this time I was on Old Speckle Hen and ended up with shoots of vodka so my head is somewhat heavy today but I’m ready to make this sacrifice for a nice company:

Tap and Spile company

I’m heading off to lunch and looking forward to Julian Dyke’s presentation Inside Interconnect. Interesting what it will be this time but last year I really enjoyed his session. I’m also looking forward to deadlocking with Mark Bobak. The last session would be either of three — Oracle Forensics by Pete Finnigan, Swingbench by Dominic Giles or All Bar One.

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“but it seems that some people can’t keep secrets!”

LOL. I did mention to him that it was the jet-lag and not that he was boring ;-)

Someone reading these lines will feel guilty I hope. ;-)

Terribly guilty! Sorry, mate :-)


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