Shuck & Awe #1: Hunting for Perl

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Welcome to the first issue of Shuck & Awe: Hunting for Perl. Inspired by Blogrotate and Log Buffer, I’ve decided to try jump-starting a bi-weekly review of everything and anything that caught our attention in the Perl world. Okay, that’s enough introduction. Let’s cut down to the meat already, and see what I’ve collected for the last two weeks.

First and foremost, Adam Trickett (ajt) trumpeted on, fittingly enough, Perl is Alive, that RC1 of Perl 5.12.0 is out. If you haven’t already, it’s time to read what shiny new toys 5.12 is bringing along. I don’t know about you, but I have the feeling I’ll be compiling myself a new perl this week-end…

In the same “still kicking strong” frame of mind, Ovid has posted a follow-up on his Perl 5 is Dying. If nothing else, the programming job trend graph he quotes is heart-warming for us Perl hackers.

It’s Spring! In a most seasonal spirit, brian d foy is calling upon CPAN authors to harken the call of Spring cleaning and tidy up their CPAN directory in an effort to boost the Schwartz ratio a wee bit.

Are you a student and considering what to do this summer? Eric Wilhelm reminds you that the Perl Foundation is taking applications for the 2010 edition of the Google Summer of code. Applications are due April 9th, so hurry!

Following all the Perl blog aggregators, but wish that you could decypher a little more of those foreign language blog entries? Wish no more! Caleb Cushing was one of the bloggers pointing out the launch of SayPerl, a Google-translated version of those blogs. True, machine translation is never a perfect solution, but hey, short of shoving a babel fish up our right ear, this is still the best option we have.

Think you know your Perl hackers?

Granted, version numbers are just numbers. But still, some of them have the intrinsic power to make us hold our breath and softly go ooooh. In a perfect example of this, Stevan Little heralded the release of version 1.00 of Moose.

Wondering what our beloved mad doctor has been up to these past months? Ovid is reporting that he has written a series of articles for IBM Developer Works about the Vim editor.

Fan of Ruby’s Sinatra? Just thirsty for some new web framework? In either case, rejoice for Alexis Sukrieh has announced the release of Dancer 1.150.

And, finally, Franck Cuny has published an ultra-shiny network map of the Github community. If you are on Github, what are you waiting for? Go and try to find yourself on the graph. If you aren’t, well, pick a hacker name at random and start the geekiest “Where’s Waldo” game of your life. :-)

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