Shuck & Awe #3: Hunting for Perl

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[[email protected] shuck]$ echo "original json_pretty taken from hanekomu's tweet"
[[email protected] shuck]$ cat news.json | perl -0007 -MJSON -nE"say for @{from_json(\$_)->{interesting}}"

Want to help Perl 6, and collect some booty in the process? Moritz Lenz has issued the first of a series of Perl 6 challenges. Fulfill the challenge, and get a chance to win mind-bogglingly fabulous prizes (well, okay, t-shirts for now). This week’s challenge doesn’t even require Perl 6 knowledge — it’s all about creating a website for proto.

Talking of Perl 6, masak announced the release of Yapsi, a Perl 6 compiler written in Perl 6.

Back to more day-to-day matters, in a poignant lament, Ovid bemoans what he knows he can’t have. Indeed, woe is he, for he is cursed to walk the Earth in company of teams who don’t believe in the goodiness of perltidy. One can only hope that, one day, his cohorts will see the light, and perhaps install a repository commit.

On, kid51 reports that the schedule for presentations at YAPC::NA::2010 in Columbus, Ohio is out. And so is the call for the YAPC::NA::2011 venue.

Jared has heaped a lot of interesting Perl links in a blog entry. There are Perl blog aggregators, articles about Padre, the mention of a new Perl roundup that inexplicably feels familiar, and more.

Likewise, draegtun went a similar route, and listed all the Perl related podcasts he susbcribes to.

Gabor Szabo did a little comparative study, and it seems that Perl is behind the curve, as far as LinkedIn language groups are concerned. Darn. If you have any interest in Bricolage, Padre, Catalyst or any of the other Perl groups, now is the time to join and make our presence felt a little more.

Cell phone running Android? Gabor and SawyerX gave a presentation on their dabbling with Perl on Android. The stereo recount of the presentation is here and there.

For the Windows crowd, Curtis Jewell gleefully trumpets the April 2010 release of Perl Strawberry.

Effective Perl Programing is hot off the presses. The errata page, brian d foy pragmatically points out, is also open for business.

For all the mad scientists in the room, Jeffrey Kegler announced the release of Marpa, a general BNF parser on CPAN.

On the OO front, Schwern has announced Object::ID. With the mere addition of a ‘use Object::ID‘ any (and I really mean any) class will instanteously sprout unique object identifiers.

The Gist service offered by Github is a wonderful way to share code snippets. John Goulah makes it even more accessible by providing a way to create gists from the command line.

For those interested by the faces behind the minds behind Perl (figuratively speaking, of course. Anatomically speaking, we can only hope that the first is in front of the second, with the third safely inside), domm mentions that the hackathon pictures are up on Flickr.

Still on the topic of celebrities, Adam Kennedy will be on American soil in May. If you are part of a Perl Monger group near Redmond or Boston, you might consider summoning the Great Old One for a presentation…

Not tired of celebrities yet? In that case, draegtun has a nifty blog entry pointing out a few famous Perl programmers. The inventor of the original wiki? A Perl programmer. Creator of jQuery? Another Perl programmer. The mind behind Flickr? Yet another Perl programmer. The father of modern psychology? Okay, not a Perl programmer. Although I should probably double-check who actually wrote the first version Chatbot::Eliza. One never knows…

[[email protected] shuck]$ perl -E'sleep 2 * 7 * 24 * 60 * 60 # see ya in 2 weeks!'
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