Shuck & Awe #6: Hunting for Perl

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[[email protected] shuck]$ perl -MFile::Find::Rule \

Remember me mentioning David Wheeler‘s CPAN-like project for PostgreSQL? Well, by now it has an official name — PGXN — and the ball has now been set into motion. This is going to be good.

bingos decided to take the Dist::Zilla leap this week. A few plugins have already been churned out as the result.

Danger Will Robinson! If you are using File::chdir, David Golden warns that Perl 5.13.1 broke it by fixing a tied variable-related bug. Things are expected to be back to normal with Perl 5.13.2.

In a glorious display of shininess, garu shares with us Tweetylicious, a microblogging Twitter-lookalike written using Mojolicious::Lite. He even organized the commits for the project in a tutorialish way, making it the perfect introduction to Mojolicious.

Daisuke Maki brings some mind-boggling news from Japan. A rake and ne’er-do-well seems to have applied for the copyright on the word ‘Perl’ in Japan… and the request has been accepted. Japanese mongers are not amused.

oylenshpeegul came up with the pattern for a knitted Perl’s camel dishcloth (which he wrote using POD, natch). Good timing too, considering that we are in the midst of World Wide Knit in Public Day.

Ashley Pond V delights us with a clever mix of Perl maze generator and CSS wizardry.

Dave Jacoby shares his new-found love for IO::Interactive.

fREW announces the arrival of DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler, which is touted as being even more awesome than DBIx::Class::Schema::Versioned. It slices, it dices, it does upgrades and downgrades!

ap0calypse begs you to do your part to stop the all-to-general terrible abuse of print statements and use heredocs whenever justified.

Adam Kennedy reports that the top 100 CPAN modules (in term of dependencies) suddenly gained some weight. We are still unsure of the specific cause. Personally, I blame it on the codenaming of the Windows port of Perl after delicious flavors of icecream.

Inspired by perlbrew, that nectar from the gods, bingos came out with smokebrew, which follows the same general idea, but is geared toward the creation of Perl testing environments.

[[email protected] shuck]$ perl -E'sleep 2 * 7 * 24 * 60 * 60 # see y'all in 2 weeks!'
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