Shuck & Awe #7: Hunting for Perl

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[[email protected] shuck]$ perl -MXML::LibXML \
    -E'say $_->toString for \
        XML::LibXML->load_xml( location => "news.xml")\
                   ->findnodes( q{//news[@lang="perl"]} )'

No one is safe from the TPF Inquisition. Alberto Simões cornered Michael Schwern at YAPC and exacted a confession about the state of Test::Builder 2. No doubt threatened by the horrid torments that only torture by the comfy chair can provide, the Schwern spilled the beans.

For the readers who aren’t BFF with Perl’s grep function yet, smash provides a little example how this function can help making your code shorter, faster, and most important, easier to read.

Moritz Lenz announces the Perl 6 challenge of this week: implementing $*ARGFILES. He also announces the winners of the previous weeks, which have been selected by a Perl 6 script.

The first draft of the Modern Perl Book is available for reviews, chromatic sayz. Veterans, now is the time to do your part and review a section or two.

KiokuDB is nifty. DBIx::Class is awesome. Yuval has worked his magic again to allow the use of the former on top of the latter. Would the result be niftwesome or awesifty? You be the judge.

brian d foy reminds us that the flip-flop operator uses a global state, and what it means in term of potential gotchas.

Ovid shares how to post to Blogger. Oh yeah, and he’s now married and has a child process in the compilation stage. w00t!

Kiffin Gish found out the hard way that you only ever truly realize how much you need something only after it’s gone. Oops.

In the “building bridges” department, Tim Bunce tackles the equivalent of a Gibraltar Strait overpass and started a project on GitHub that takes Java classes and translates them into their Perl 6 equivalents.

Mark Fowler discusses the art of measuring the performance of web applications and gives a few pointers that I, for one, will be seriously taking into consideration (not to mention the reference that I now have to order).

[[email protected] shuck]$ perl -E'sleep 2 * 7 * 24 * 60 * 60 # see y'all in 2 weeks!'
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