SQL 2016 – Improve Performance with the Query Store feature: Part 1

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After playing with this great new feature for some time and speaking about it during a SQL Saturday in Montreal, I can say that I am very excited about Query Store in SQL 2016!
Performance tuning is our bread and butter here at Pythian and I think that almost every DBA will agree that, unless you have some 3rd party tool (and even if you have such a tool), it’s not always straight forward to tune T-SQL code. It’s usually a tedious process and it’s a science by itself that requires a good background and understanding of how things work “behind the scenes”, as well as how to help the optimizer “make” the right decisions.

Here are some great links to start with:

If you don’t have a dev/testing environment, you can even start with Azure DB which has this feature already. Just note that this feature is currently at a CTP version, meaning that it is not yet supported. Azure DB is cheap and affordable. Another option would be using a dev/test Azure Virtual Machine with SQL Server 2016 on it.


Good luck and feel free leave us questions or comments!


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