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With the help of an anonymous friend, I’ve made available a new SQL*Developer Plug-In. To setup your SQL*Developer 1.1+, proceed as below :

  • Select “Help | Check for Updates…” menu
  • On the “Source” screen, click on the “Add…” button and fill the form as below
    • name : ArKZoYd Update Center
    • location : https://arkzoyd.free.fr/center.xml
  • On the “Updates” screen, select “Partitioning tab and dimension objects 0.2” and proceed
  • Click on “End” Button and restart SQL*Developer

Note :
For some obscure reasons, I’m working on, you may need to restart SQL*Developer a second time. I’m working on it and may provide a fix once I found how the solve this issue.

Graphic 1 – Select “Display Image” to show the Plug-In

The Plug-In adds 2 features to SQL*Developer :

  • A dimension folder below the Materialized view folder
  • A new tab named “Additional Partitioning” to the “Table” Editor

I wish I can continue to develop the Plug-In. Feel free to comment this post with your ideas, sample code and feedbacks


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Andrey Goryunov
May 20, 2007 9:02 am

Hello Gregory,

is there any chance to change existing templates especially for EXPLAIN PLAN
to add more functionality like possibility to show additional information in
screen tips – structure of indexes, indexes for tables etc.

Andrey Goryunov

dipak lohiya
June 30, 2008 3:56 am

Hi ,
i like to develop plugin for sql developer but uptill now i never develop any plugin.can you please give some guidline,how to develop plugin and some initial steps.


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