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The hustle bustle in San Francisco about Oracle Open World is about to change into high gear. Registration yesterday was next to deserted. Kudos to the crew that organized the show as, even though say 300 people registered, that’s 300 less to tend with today. We are now poised on the edge of one of the most massive education opportunities on this planet, or actually this galaxy. User Group day at Oracle Open World is a sight to behold and a day to remember every year.

One of Pythian’s clients in attendance wanted to know what Sunday at OOW is all about, and I let the others in the lounge respond first then offered my 2 cents. There are actually two different perspectives on the presentations at OOW:

  1. Oracle employees impart late-breaking news and telegraph what’s coming down the tubes. This information is invaluable to attendees as they wade their way through existing and emerging product lines. It helps them to manage their bottom line. The updates received can feed into their organizations’ planning for the next X months and sway important decision making with more informed opinions.
  2. User groups and end user sessions present real-life case studies, and users’ technical sessions advise attendees on the best ways to proceed with the Oracle suite of products to achieve the technology goals their organizations have set. Users live and breathe the technology day-to-day and are well armed to advise attendees in using third-party adopters of these products.

That is what is so magic about the way OOW has been put together. Its attendee base is populated by higher-level managers throughout the installation base, but there still is significant technical sessions to keep up with the appetite of the vast user community.

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