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The CORE database audience has been well served at this year’s version of the UKOUG forum. Many of the shows we attended concentrated on the late-breaking components of the vendors’ new offerings. The attendees were hungry for this information, and having it delivered in a 4-5 day package was very helpful. However, some conference attendees are overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of the material presented and are best served by preparing for the show beforehand.

As per many shows I have attended in Amercia, both user group and vendor based, organizing one’s time prior to getting to the show will have a huge payback once on site. Seasoned veterans of Oracle Open World can leverage pre-event online tools to pre-register for sessions of interest and make soft contingency plans in case they end up disappointed with what they have chosen. Most shows offer the same pre-event planning tools so there is no reason to scramble onsite. Rather than spend precious time at the event figuring out what to see, make yourself an agenda beforehand but ALWAYS remember to plan for disappointments. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond the event’s control, there are cancellations and changes in the agenda and location of the sessions you may have wanted to attend.

The social aspect of the UKOUG show has been, as always, a treat to behold. It is always fun to catch up with familiar faces, and I for one have as much to learn from my fellow attendees as I may have to share with them. Opportunities for knowledge transfer and networking, the foundation of any technical event, were plentiful at UKOUG 2012.

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