How a successful cloud migration boosted SaaS platform performance for Mapp Digital

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Today’s innovative organizations have come to rely on the flexibility, modularity, and scalability of the cloud for their business-critical SaaS platforms and associated data. Mapp Digital’s cloud migration project is just one example of how Pythian can help SaaS companies take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

Marketing technology provider Mapp Digital needed to increase the performance of their customer engagement platform, specifically during peak times (for example on Black Friday), refresh the current hardware platform and consolidate different databases. Migrating to the cloud was the answer. When it came to making the move, they turned to their trusted IT partner, Pythian.

“Pythian has been supporting our databases for multiple years, and knows the complexities and requirements specific to our environment. Collaborating with Pythian, we were able to successfully plan, evaluate, test, and migrate our databases from an on-site datacenter to AWS Cloud.” Dean Smith, Director IT Operations, Mapp Digital

With Pythian’s help they migrated to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Pythian helped the company with all aspects of the migration, from planning, to testing, to implementation, and continues to monitor the company’s database environments for outages while making recommendations on configurations for optimizing availability, and opportunities to save on cost.

Read the full story to find out how Mapp Digital migrated from an on-premises datacenter to the cloud with help from Pythian.



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