Sydney Oracle Meetup #4 — Backups, Recovery and Disasters

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Please feel free to submit the backup and recovery and DR topics you want to discuss – just mention in the comments and I’ll make sure they are on the agenda!

What: Sydney Oracle Meetup #4 – Backups, Recovery and Disasters
When: May 15, 2009 5:30 PM

Meetup Description:

SOM #4 is about Oracle backup and recovery. As usual, Pizza and drinks arrive at 5:30PM and we start the presentation at 6PM. We should be out by 8:30PM with optional post-event program. It’s Friday night in the end!

This time we will have a more informal presentation. We will start with review of the backup options for Oracle databases and see who is using what in the audience and drill into the details most interesting areas, rules of thumb (aka best practices), where are the challenges and what’s the real world experience we all have.

In the second part we are planning to focus on Data Guard and how we use it – what works and what doesn’t in the real life.

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