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Performance problems with Dynamic Statistics in Oracle 12c

I’ve been making some tests recently with the new Oracle In-Memory option and have been faced with an unexpected  performance problem.  Here is a test case: Waiting for in-memory segment population: Now let’s make a simple two table join:…

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12c: fun with WITH!

Last night I couldn’t sleep and what else you’re going to do? I was thinking about Oracle stuff. In Oracle version 12, Oracle has enhanced the WITH clause – traditionally used for sub-query factoring – to allow the declaration of functions and…

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12c Multi-tenant Environment and DBRM for Container Database

In multi-tenant environment, Database Resource Manager (DBRM), at the Container Database (CDB) level enables us to manage the resources like CPU usage and number of parallel execution servers among the plugabble databases (PDBs). Then within each PDB, DBRM enables us…

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RMAN 12c : Say goodbye to your backup when dropping your PDB

Update: 09/March/2015 .- I wrote a second part and followed up on this on my personal blog RMAN 12cR1 : Say goodbye to your backup when dropping your PDB – Part II I was working on my presentations for IOUG Collaborate,…

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How to Troubleshoot OEM 12c Cloud Control Auto-Discovery

OEM 12c Cloud Control looks daily for new targets, placing them in a queue for admin promotion to managed objects. Details and troubleshooting info follow.

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