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Oracle DBMS_CLOUD package with AWS S3

The package DBMS_CLOUD was first introduced in the Autonomous Database to provide a simple way to interact with an object store from the database. It is now available for on-premise databases starting with 19.9c and 21c. It works with OCI,…

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Slow Query in eBS AutoConfig with DB 19c

slow query

We recently completed a few e eBS R12.2 database upgrade installations and noticed an issue with a particular SQL running as part of the AutoConfig.       The query sql_id is 5da8tjzfafw6j and it looks like this (formatted): select…

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Create 19c Database in Archive Mode Using DBCA Silent

I wanted to export 11.2 database schema and import it into a 19c database; creating the database in archive mode to create a backup of all transactions and allow recovery to any point in time. Since the 19c database did…

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OPatchAuto Bug on 19.3 GI/RDBMS When Patching to 19.6

The other day I was doing a fresh install of Oracle 19.3. I was using the binaries from edelivery, doing some testing in that version, then patching to 19.6. The installation and the tests went fine. Next, I proceeded to... Read More >

19c Auto-Indexing: ORA-65532: Cannot Alter or Drop Automatically Created Indexes

Hello! I recently noticed that: What if I’m not happy with the Oracle algorithm and I want to drop and auto-index on 19c? It should be easy, I initially thought. For example, something like “drop index XXXX;” right? Wrong. However,…

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Stop Migrating Databases to 12c!

If you are starting an upgrade plan, do it directly to Oracle Database 19c. Why? Well, let’s agree that 19c is “equivalent” to on previous version models, and 18c would be, after the latest in the old format:…

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