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Why Achieving Quick Business Wins Should Be Built Into Your D&A

data & analytics

Having worked in the Data & Analytics (D&A) space for decades, the struggle to gain business insights through data is constant. I’ve used many approaches; some have worked, while others looked better on paper. Over time, however, the path to…

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Advanced analytics from Pythian improves CrowdTwist’s loyalty program outcomes

CrowdTwist provides a SaaS based omni-channel loyalty and analytics platform that is designed to allow marketers to acquire, engage and retain customers. They power the most innovative and engaging loyalty programs in the market today. The platform is used internationally…

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How do machines learn?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science are all terms that get thrown around a lot these days. While it’s easy to get into hair-splitting arguments about the distinctions between them, really they refer to the same thing: teaching machines…

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