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Making the Always On Availability Groups More Resilient to Transient Network Issues

More and more companies are adopting the Always On Availability Groups as their HA/DR architecture for the SQL Server databases. While this comes with a lot of advantages—less downtime, use of the secondary replica to offload your read-only queries (depending…

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SQL Server Distributed Availability Group with Forwarder in Microsoft Azure

mysql queries

Architecture diagram Register the application with the name terraform. Leave all options as default. Add a secret that will be used as a password to authenticate terraform. Provide a description and expiry period for the secret. Copy the Secret ID…

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Managing SQL Jobs in Availability Groups – Method Job Category

Method – Job Category This blog post will show how to setup SQL Jobs in multiple availability groups. This method will allow you to dynamically detect the role of the SQL Server replica and avoid job execution errors in the…

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The importance of the worker threads is always on

Most of my blog posts are an outcome of the work that I do over the weekend while holding the pager for my team. This blog post is no different. In this blog post, I will talk about the importance…

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SQL server 2016 – AlwaysOn basic availability group

Hemantgiri S. Goswami, Pythian database expert and SQL Server MVP, discusses a new feature, Basic Availability Groups for AlwaysOn, found in SQL Server 2016

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