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Nagios authentication with active directory

  Nagios authentication with Active Directory aligns with user management consolidation policies in most organizations. This post explains how to setup Nagios authentication with Active Directory, while using Apache as web server. mod_authz_ldap is an apache LDAP authorization module. This can…

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Why move to Cassandra?


Have you asked yourself, “why move to Cassandra?”. Pythian expert, Carlos Rolo, provides an analysis of why you should be the next one to move to Cassandra.

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Pythian Introduces Cassandra Consulting & Operational Support

Pythian now offers new services to address the needs of customers considering or deploying Apache Cassandra. Find out how we can help you with Cassandra.

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Cassandra 101 : Understanding what Cassandra Is

Want to understand the basics of Cassandra and how it works? Pythian data expert Rene Antunez explains…

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