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Switching to a new Google Cloud partner?

Blog 4: Switching to a new Google Cloud partner?.

Google wants to ensure that its customers are successful in the cloud. To do that, partners play a vital role, particularly in areas that require skilled expertise such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, Kubernetes and other emerging tech. That’s why…

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Pythian achieves Machine Learning Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program

Toronto, Canada – Google Cloud Summit Oct 4, 2018,  Pythian, a global IT company that helps businesses leverage disruptive data technologies to better compete, announced today that it has achieved the Machine Learning Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner…

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We can learn a lot by watching machines play

In our first blog post in this series we looked at the difference between machine memorization and machine learning. So what does that learning look like in action, and what are the implications for data science? There was a great…

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Top trends in data and IT and what they mean for your Business

Artificial intelligence, adopting lean practices in your innovation efforts, the future of BI and Blockchain were just some of the topics we heard about at Pythian’s recent Love Your Data Conference. This event brings together CIOs and IT Business leaders,…

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