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While Upgrading from GI 12c to 19c, +asm1(19c) Cannot Detect +asm2(12c)

A few weeks ago, I was working on a GI upgrade from 12.2 to 19.6. After running the upgrade on Node 1, an issue occurred where +asm1(19c) could not detect +asm2(12c). The information below describes the actions I performed to... Read More >

101 Series of Oracle in Google Cloud – Part I : Building ASM and Database

About a year ago, I worked on a project with some amazing teammates (Simon Pane and Karun Dutt) to collaborate on a POC to move their Oracle environment into Google Cloud. This series reflects some of the things I learned... Read More >

How to a recreate disk group used by CRS

I will go through detailed steps here on how to recreate a disk group used by CRS. Some things to bear in mind: – I created this cluster based on another existing cluster, so I just followed the same patterns…

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Improve Oracle performance with ASM filter driver

It has been asked “Why user Oracle’s ASM Filter Driver?”. Here’s one reason I found: ASM Filter Driver performs 20% better then ASMLib.

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Oracle 12.2 ASM filter driver installation

Recently I needed to install Oracle 12.2 with the ASM Filter Driver for some research on an upcoming presentation. With the new image based Oracle Grid installation I expected this to be easy. To be fair, it was fairly easy,…

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ASM 12c : how to rename a Diskgroup

Fred Denis, Pythian Oracle Database Expert, explains how to rename a diskgroup.

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ORA-15418: appliance mode not supported for compatible.asm

Fred Denis, Pythian Oracle Database Expert, talks about his encounter with error code ORA-15418: on 12.1 on Exadata.

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ASMCMD> a better DU, version 2

A while ago, I posted a better “du” for asmcmd . Since then, Oracle 12cR2 beta has been released but it seems that our poor old “du” will not be improved. I then wrote a better “better du for asmcmd” with…

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ASM disk group just will not mount

Roopesh Ramklass, Principal Consultant at Pythian, explains what steps to take when the ASM disk group just will not mount.

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Mind your rdbms/audit on 12c

Stefan Knecht, Pythian Solutions Architect, discusses rdbms/audit on 12c.

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