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ASM nternals: tracking down failed ASM reads

Stefan Knecht, Pythian Solutions Architect, encountered some issues while mapping ASM allocation units (AU) to database extents. It’s not easy to find a clear cut solution, but he’s done some digging to make your life easier.

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Oracle ASM rebalance – Turn it up. To 11?

  If you’ve ever seen or heard of the movie This is Spinal Tap then you have likely heard the phrase Turn it up to 11. Why bring this up? When ASM was introduced as a method for configuring storage for Oracle,…

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Online resizing of ASM disks

  The SAN administrator has informed us that they have extended the disks. This is the information I had from our client. The disks were labelled: mpath_compellent_oraarch mpath_compellent_oraarch02 mpath_compellent_oraarch03   The original size of the disks were 300GB and they…

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Favorite way: migrating to exadata

There are lots of considerations to be taken into account when migrating databases to the Exadata. It’s like any other migration. DBAs and other stakeholders of the system have to evaluate what to migrate and what not to, physical and…

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asmcmd> a better “du”

I discovered ASM with a RAC running on Linux Itanium and that was a big adventure. At this time there was no asmcmd. In 2005, Oracle released Oracle 10gR2 and asmcmd came into the place and we figured out…

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Tracking ASM Metrics

Collecting ASM IO Metrics If you are an Oracle DBA, then it is quite likely that Oracle ASM is used as the storage management for at least some of the databases you manage. Eventually you will want to see ASM…

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