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Oracle Database and 2FA Using Cisco Duo

Background Oracle Database connectivity using multi-factor (MFA) or two-factor (2FA) authentication is rather simple to set up, is supported for all Oracle Database versions and editions (including SE2) without requiring any additional licenses, and is easy to use. And Cisco…

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Oracle Database and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Background A common question from Oracle customers is whether they can configure the Oracle Database to use: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) A “Time-based One-time Password” (TOTP) code, which is usually a six-digit code generated from a hardware or…

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Oracle Database 18c schema only accounts

One nice new feature of Oracle Database 18c is that schemas can be created without a password. These are called “Schema Only Accounts“. This new functionality is pretty simple and is a nice step forward that can allow administrators to…

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