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Release Automation: The Key to Cloud Modernization

Organizations of all sizes and industries are actively trying to transform themselves in order to better compete and thrive in our increasing digital business environment. A core component of this transformation is modernizing your cloud-based workloads so that they, and…

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One-Click E-Business Suite Cloning on AWS Using Systems Manager

oracle ebs

Cloning an Oracle E-Business Suite system is a complicated process, and depending on the environment topology, it can involve various steps to accomplish the task.     Partial automation of the E-Business Suite cloning procedure is often done with local…

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Automating Scripts Via SSH


Have you ever logged on to a Linux machine, only to be greeted by a prompt requesting you make some choice? It’s probably a script being called from .bash_profile or .profile, and that script doesn’t let you exit until a…

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The Best Automation Tools to Power up Your SAP S/4 Migration Journey

sap S/4

SAP optimization tools are constantly evolving, and at this stage they seem to have no ceiling in terms of their potential to help optimize SAP systems for better performance.   The speed, accuracy, and efficiency of database migrations, especially, can…

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Snowflake System Function Error: Argument 0 to Function SYSTEM$PIPE_STATUS Needs to Be Constant

I recently encountered the above issue which prompted me to write this blog post so I can easily reference the solution whenever I need it. However, I also hope it might help anyone out there who hits a similar issue….

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Make Database Security Patching Consistent

Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite) customers have always been left a little behind by technological innovations happening at Oracle. Since 18c, Oracle Database has offered a new feature called Read-Only Oracle home (OH). However I haven’t noticed much traction for this…

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Automating Oracle Patching With an Ansible Module

Editor’s Note: Because our bloggers have lots of useful tips, every now and then we bring forward a popular post from the past. We originally published today’s post on February 13, 2019. This blog post has been on my To…

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Installing OCI Command Line Utilities in Linux and Windows

There are multiple documented methods for installing the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure command line utilities (oci). Some methods work better than others, but sometimes none of them meet your needs. This is a story of getting the installation done to meet our needs.

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Conventions Make for Easy Automation

I talk a lot about implementing conventions, which usually results in easy automation. Here are examples of shell scripts you can run from any host to manage the Data Guard environment. You should be able to use the same framework…

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Installing Oracle 18c using command line

Just three days ago Oracle released Oracle 18c for general installation on-premises. We’ve had a taste of the new Oracle release on Oracle Cloud for quite some time, but now we can download and install it for in-house testing. I…

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