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How to optimize your Google Cloud consumption with self-managed tools from Pythian

Blog 6: How to optimize your Google Cloud consumption with self-managed tools from Pythian

Migrating workloads to the cloud allows for scalability, elasticity and agility that can help businesses push out new products, streamline supply chain costs and even reach new markets. But the shift from a fixed price to a variable utility-style usage…

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How free funds can help you go further with Google Cloud

Blog 5: How free funds can help you go further with Google Cloud

Google Cloud is changing what’s possible in the cloud with advanced technologies like analytics and machine learning capabilities. That means cloud migrations are no longer just about lifting and shifting workloads to the cloud, but about fundamentally transforming the way…

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Switching to a new Google Cloud partner?

Blog 4: Switching to a new Google Cloud partner?.

Google wants to ensure that its customers are successful in the cloud. To do that, partners play a vital role, particularly in areas that require skilled expertise such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, Kubernetes and other emerging tech. That’s why…

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Get set up for success in Google Cloud

Get set up for success in Google Cloud

Whether you’re thinking about migrating to Google Cloud or you’re already there, you need the time, resources and internal expertise to support this platform—particularly if it’s part of a larger multi-cloud environment that includes AWS, Azure and/or other cloud platforms….

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Leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics Service Integrations

azure synapse analytics

One of the biggest drivers of cloud adoption is the promise of tightly integrated first-party services. Microsoft applied this idea to the analytics space by crafting and releasing Synapse Analytics back at the end of 2019. With integration as part…

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Datascape Episode 52: Snowflake Snowday Updates Fall 2021

datascape podcast

Episode 52 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. In today’s show, we’ll recap the recent Snowday PR event and discuss some of the things that are in preview right now and will become available in 2022 for…

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Datascape Episode 50: Recapping the Fall 2021 Microsoft Ignite Virtual Conference

Episode 50 Shownotes   In this episode, we recap the Ignite Fall 2021 virtual conference and main announcements by first introducing Fabiano Amorim and Luan Moreno Maciel, both Project Engineers and Microsoft Data Platform MVPs. The hosts also discuss several…

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How to Send Custom Emails and Notifications In Azure Data Factory

custom email

If you’ve used Azure Data Factory (ADF), you’ve probably sent email alerts. But these don’t provide any clarity or customization in the message subject line or body. How do you send an email from the ADF pipeline with a custom…

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SQL Server Distributed Availability Group with Forwarder in Microsoft Azure

mysql queries

Architecture diagram Register the application with the name terraform. Leave all options as default. Add a secret that will be used as a password to authenticate terraform. Provide a description and expiry period for the secret. Copy the Secret ID…

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How FinOps Procurement and Optimization Strategies Can Create Value for Your Organization

This is the final in a series of three articles on the importance and characteristics of FinOps for managing cloud spend, its business justifications and what it all means for your organization. Click to read the first or second posts. …

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