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Dialogflow chatbot with custom webhook using Python and GCP

I’ll provide a quick start tutorial for Dialogflow (ES version) in this article. We’ll first examine the features offered by this product and then look at a simple use case involving currency conversion to understand how communication between the bot…

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Making the case: Is Google Workspace Enterprise right for my organization?

If your organization is already using the Business edition of Google Workspace and it’s working just fine, why would you consider upgrading your subscription level?  Organizations have different needs based on their team size, ways of working, security requirements, data…

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What Google’s New BigQuery Pricing Tiers Mean For You

As a fully managed enterprise data warehouse, Google BigQuery helps to manage and analyze data with built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analysis and business intelligence.  Google has announced that a new tiered pricing model for Google BigQuery will come…

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Datascape Episode 59: Google BigQuery Architecture, Cloud Migrations, and Working from Home with Megha Bedi

episode 59

Episode 59 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. Cloud consultant Megha Bedi joins us from Meerut (near New Delhi) to discuss Google Cloud migrations and architecture. Megha’s impressive track record includes data and cloud project management, data…

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Datascape 58: Analytics in Gaming, Spark and the Data Engineer Role With Felipe Ferreira

datascape 58

Episode 58 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. In today’s episode, Brazilian native Felipe Ferreira joins us from Canada to delve into gaming data technology and analytics. Felipe has extensive experience in development, database administration, business intelligence,…

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Why Choose Google Cloud for Your Data Warehouse Migration

You’ve already moved some of your workloads to the cloud—probably the ones that were easiest to migrate, or the ones that provided a quick win. But your most complex workloads are probably still sitting in an on-prem data warehouse. While…

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How to Transform Your Legacy SAP Environment with Google Cloud

In the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market, SAP is the recognized market leader, with a massive installed base around the world. But much of that installed base is running on-premises ERP. As part of its commitment to the future of…

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Migrate RDB to Cloud SQL Using Google’s Dataflow

rdbms data transfer

Most corporations have huge amounts of data in RDBMS (relational database management system). When considering a RDBMS data transfer and you only need a subset of data to migrate to the cloud, follow this very efficient and easy data ingestion…

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How FinOps Procurement and Optimization Strategies Can Create Value for Your Organization

This is the final in a series of three articles on the importance and characteristics of FinOps for managing cloud spend, its business justifications and what it all means for your organization. Click to read the first or second posts. …

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GCP Professional Cloud Architect Certification Guide

Looking for how to prepare for the latest version of Google Cloud Professional Architect Certification?  Wondering if you are ready to give it a shot? If yes, then this post might help you ace your certification.  I’ll briefly summarize my…

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