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Identifying and Engaging Data Stewards

data steward

In our previous discussions, we evaluated how to kickstart our data governance programs. We discussed the cultural principles to be set, priorities to be communicated, and roles and responsibilities to be established. These elements ensure alignment in execution for data…

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The Four Stages of Analytics Maturity: Part Three

Once you’ve established your destination, it’s time to hit the road. An organization’s analytic journey typically progresses through four stages of maturity, as follows: See: Deliver insights on where the business is today and was historically. Predict: Project future scenarios…

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Comparing Data Science at an AI Startup and a Consulting Company

The difference between data science consultants and a data science team at a company depending on machine learning (ML) solutions is significant. In the first instance, the consultants need to have a good understanding of both the business and technology….

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