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Datascape Episode 54: Cloud Security Strategies for Business

episode 54

Episode 54 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of Datascape Podcast. In today’s show, Cloud Ops Solutions Architect Kevin Pedersen talks about the evolution of cloud security, from its infancy to today’s virtualized workloads. Together the hosts discuss various topics, including…

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The key concepts of Blockchain for business

This blog post, the first in a series, discusses the key concepts of the business blockchain as explained by William Mougayar. Blockchain has been variously described as revolutionary, disruptive and transformative. It has also been described as an overhyped buzzword,…

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Four must-haves to make your remote business succeed

The debate over remote work rages on. This past March, IBM announced that the 2,600 employees of its U.S. marketing department would now be required to work on-site or look for other jobs. The decision was stunningly ironic — after…

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Is your data warehouse showing its age? It may be time to modernize.

As technology evolves, it’s imperative for businesses to keep their data storage management methods up-to-date. The ultimate goal is to keep costs low while constantly improving scalability, supporting an increasing number of data types, and integrating enterprise data with external…

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Considering alternatives to RDBMS? NoSQL may be the answer

Depending on your specific needs, your applications, the type and volume of your data, NoSQL could be the right choice as either a complementary technology to an existing RDBMS, or a complete replacement. Find out if NoSQL is right for your business.

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