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Save Time With This Quick OCI CLI Installation

Editor’s Note: Because our bloggers have lots of useful tips, every now and then we update and bring forward a popular post from the past. We originally published today’s post on April 15, 2019. This is more of a personal…

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The OCIDTAB – A solution to make OCI CLI scripting easier

This article is about working effectively with multiple OCI Environments via OCI CLI and encourages the use of an environment variable file called ocidtab, however before we look into it’s working the next couple of sections would give an understanding…

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How to create an Oracle Database Cloud service (OCI) using the command line

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, also known as the second generation cloud, offers an integrated command line utility called OCI Command Line Interface (CLI) which can be used to perform almost all the activities we can do using the web console….

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