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Datascape 58: Analytics in Gaming, Spark and the Data Engineer Role With Felipe Ferreira

datascape 58

Episode 58 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. In today’s episode, Brazilian native Felipe Ferreira joins us from Canada to delve into gaming data technology and analytics. Felipe has extensive experience in development, database administration, business intelligence,…

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DP Agent in HANA Cloud Migrations: the How and Why

dp agent hana cloud migration

SAP HANA is the evolution of SAP HANA Service. It’s an in-memory platform for processing high data rates in real-time. One of the main motivations of SAP HANA is to connect with on-premises systems, giving customers a seamless connection between…

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Seven Reasons to Outsource Your Move to the Cloud

I was talking to someone the other day who asked me why they should consider outsourcing their planned VM migration to the cloud. They felt they were perfectly capable of doing it themselves. The question I asked in return was,…

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Move Forward by Working Faster

“If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling back.” — Sam Waterston Despite – and, in some cases, because of – all the uncertainty we’ve faced recently, organizations are working hard to keep up with delivering the experiences, products and services…

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Migrating Oracle Workloads to Google Cloud – Cloud Spanner

There are plenty of database migration options out there, and we love working with clients to help them assess and evaluate which one is best for them. Options include: Bare Metal Solution (BMS) PostgreSQL: On Cloud SQL On GCE (Google…

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Migrating Oracle Workloads to Google Cloud – PostgreSQL on Cloud SQL or GCE

When working with clients on database migration, there are a range of options we help them assess and evaluate. These include: Bare Metal Solution (BMS) PostgreSQL On Cloud SQL On GCE (Google Compute Engine) Cloud Spanner Some organizations choose BMS…

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Migrating Oracle Workloads to Google Cloud – BMS

In these challenging and ever-changing times, most organizations would welcome the opportunity to reduce overhead, drive innovation and become more agile. While all these benefits are possible with a move to the cloud, many organizations are overwhelmed at the thought…

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Are reverse cloud migrations a thing?

At Pythian, we spend the vast majority of our time helping our customers take full advantage of the public cloud. But there is always that tiny percentage that comes to us asking if we can move them from the cloud…

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Examining Teradata To Google BigQuery Migration

Cloud migration is hot nowadays. Enterprises are considering options to migrate on-premises data and applications to cloud (AWS/GCP/Azure) to get the benefits of quick deployments, pay-per-use models and flexibility. Recently, I got a chance to work on data migration from…

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Online retailer gains business efficiencies with help from pythian’s cloud experts

A major online retailer joined forces with Pythian to help improve their efficiency delivering new service features. With the help of Pythian’s Cloud Consulting Services, the retailer determined that they needed to migrate their two large on-premises data centers to…

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