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Online Data Migration from SQL Server to Cloud Spanner Using Striim


This post will focus on the implementation of a continuous migration from SQL Server to Cloud Spanner using Striim. It includes steps for configuring an initial load and a continuous data replication using change data capture. However, I don’t cover …

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Automated Database Backups for Cloud Spanner Using Terraform


    This post shows how to use cloudspannerecosystem/scheduled-backups to configure scheduled backups for your cloud spanner database. The setup of the required resources (Cloud Scheduler, pub/sub and cloud function) will be done by using terraform in this tutorial.  …

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Migrating Oracle Workloads to Google Cloud – Cloud Spanner

There are plenty of database migration options out there, and we love working with clients to help them assess and evaluate which one is best for them. Options include: Bare Metal Solution (BMS) PostgreSQL: On Cloud SQL On GCE (Google…

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