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Why your data hub belongs in the cloud

Whether your core infrastructure is on-prem or in the cloud, there’s only one choice for your data hub
The public cloud effectively provides you with three options:  Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service or Software as a Service. And with IaaS, people often face the choice of “rent vs buy”.

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The Natural Evolution of Data Warehousing—Where We Are Today

It’s a fact that technology is always evolving—rapidly. What’s new and hot today, may be old news and on its way to becoming obsolete tomorrow. Traditional data warehousing is no exception. We have been seeing that the old school data…

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Video: Make data part of your company’s DNA with Kick AaaS

Wouldn’t your job be a lot easier if you could overcome data silos to get better insights on everything from operational efficiency, to marketing performance, to your customers’ experience? What if you could gather enough data in one place for…

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Realizing the love your data vision

A dispatch from the Love Your Data conference 2017, NY When we first came up with Pythian’s Love Your Data tagline years ago, it was emblematic of the core value we delivered to customers. We were well established as a…

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Pythian launches analytics as a service offering

Kick AaaS breaks down data silos and unleashes the power of data New York, NY (Love Your Data Conference) – MAY 31, 2017 – Pythian, a global technology services company that helps businesses adopt disruptive technologies to better compete, today…

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The value of data In business today

Alejandro Cordero, Lead Database Consultant at Pythian, discusses the rising importance in business data, and how is adds value to an organization.

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Data Insights: staying focused on goals and outcomes

Dave Salmela, Big Data Consultant and Solutions Architect at Pythian, explains why it’s the perfect time to derive valuable insights from your organization’s data.

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