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Metadata-Driven Data Governance: the How and Why


In our previous discussion, we explored the role of data stewards and their vital function for data governance programs. They’re the champions that identify data quality shortfalls and work with business partners to improve data quality. Data stewards are the…

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Identifying and Engaging Data Stewards

data steward

In our previous discussions, we evaluated how to kickstart our data governance programs. We discussed the cultural principles to be set, priorities to be communicated, and roles and responsibilities to be established. These elements ensure alignment in execution for data…

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How to Kickstart Your Data Governance Program

kickstart data governance

In our previous discussions we reviewed the two primary dimensions to a data governance program. First are the functions necessary to be successful including compliance and risk management, policy, data management, literacy, and architecture. Second is the organizational model for how these capabilities…

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Building Organizational Models for Better Data Governance

In our previous post we discussed the five phases of data governance programs. These include define, design, build, transition and measure. These phases allow us to plan work, execute, and understand a program’s impact while adjusting future prioritization and maximizing…

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Designing Data Governance Programs that Deliver Business Value

data governance

As organizations embark on their Data Governance journey, many struggle with justifying the costs with program outcomes that have traditionally been viewed as required but not delivering significant business value. This often pits data governance programs against product initiatives in…

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Infographic: What is Data Governance?

An explainer on achieving consistency, trustworthiness, and accessibility across your data estate. The Wild West might be entertaining in movies or TV, but it’s the equivalent of a horror show when it comes to your organization’s data. That’s why strong…

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The top 5 reasons you need a data governance strategy

The concept of good governance is key to any high functioning society and economy. It helps establish and maintain trust between constituents and their representatives, along with setting the stage for people and organizations to operate within a well-defined framework…

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Why you can’t ignore master data management and data governance

This is the second in a series of four posts on breaking down data silos and its importance for organizations. In this post, we look at master data management and data governance strategy. In our first post in this series,…

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Datascape podcast episode 7 – discussing data governance with Dennis Walker

In this episode we discuss the ins and outs of data governance with Dennis Walker. We’ll cover why it’s important, how it’s changed and how to get started.

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