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Build a Data Lake Using Lake Formation on AWS

data lake

A data lake is a centralized repository for large amounts of structured and unstructured data to enable direct analytics.The above image illustrates multiple functions of a data lake, such as data ingestion, data indexing, data processing, data analytics, machine learning,…

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Where in a Modern Data Platform Should You Process Your Data?

Data warehouse or data lake? We break down the pros and cons of each In the book Designing Cloud Data Platforms, separating storage from compute is a key tenet of a layered cloud data platform design. It brings scalability, cost…

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Reduce Costs by Adding a Data Lake to Your Cloud Data Warehouse

When it comes to data warehouse modernization, we’re big fans of moving to the cloud. The cloud brings unprecedented flexibility that allows you to easily accommodate the growing velocity, variety, volume, veracity and value of today’s data. It also allows…

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Hadoop as part of your big data strategy

If you’re thinking about moving from a traditional relational database management system (RDBMS), you should consider Apache™ Hadoop®—because your competitors probably are. According to Gartner, Hadoop joined the mainstream in 2016. And Allied Research says the Hadoop market will likely…

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Datascape podcast episode 3 – all about data lakes with Danil Zburivsky

I started hearing the term ‘data lake’ a few years ago but didn’t pay a ton of attention to it. Today, the term’s still around and so is the hype. According to this article on Wikipedia the term is poorly…

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