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How to Add Data Visualization and Empower EBS Users With Enterprise Command Centers

data visualization

In 2018, Oracle announced the release of Oracle Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) for E-Business Suite. This EBS add-on provides users with discovery-oriented dashboards that bring together diverse operational data from across Oracle E-Business Suite.     Oracle Endeca, its predecessor, needed…

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From Lake Simcoe to Oakville

McEvenue Oakville

Curious about data visualization? Think it’s all about geekdom? In this latest edition of Pythian Postcards, Michael McEvenue takes us to a lovely Canadian town located on the shores of Lake Ontario. Read on to learn more about Michael, his…

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Increase your data visualization/reporting velocity and performance with proper semantic layers

We have all seen it before.  You finally get access to new data sources and want to extract insight from that data. You open your favorite reporting or data visualization tool, connect and start updating the tool’s semantic layer. The…

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Humanizing data visualization

What is the ultimate goal of data and why is it so important? From the dawn of civilization, data has been the key to power. Ancient Indians captured data from living experiences and captured them in the Vedas and the…

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Analyzing BigQuery via Excel and Google Sheets

Both MS Excel and Google Sheets offer ways to connect directly to BQ data, to run queries, to pull data back to Excel/Sheets and allow further analysis via options such as pivot tables, charts and drilling up/down. MS Excel The…

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Analyzing Open.Canada.Ca datasets with Power BI

My friend Chris Jaja recently posted on LinkedIn about the awesome work his team has been doing with the Open Government Portal at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. This is a great initiative and it gave me another excuse…

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