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Trends in Retail

retail data

Every industry is getting transformed by data, with retail amongst the most dramatic and fastest paced. As consumers become  increasingly demanding, a seamless experience between the digital and in-store expectations for both customers and employees also evolve.     The retail industry is experiencing a…

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Data Monetization Through Data Marketplaces

data monetization

Many organizations hear “third-party data” and jump to the consumption of external data for augmenting their in-house generated and curated datasets. But there’s another aspect of third-party data, which is providing it back to others for their consumption. This is…

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A Closer Look at Data Governance Program Phases

data governance

In a previous post, I outlined how designing data governance programs can deliver business value. In this post, we’ll look in greater detail at the life cycle of a typical program.     Data governance programs thrive on established and…

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Data Literacy as an Accelerator

data literacy

Many organizations experience a stall during their data transformation journey. The stall is caused by a lack of skills and shared language across the organization needed (to) experiment and rapidly shift approaches so they can optimize their nimbleness. This stall…

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Rethinking the Definition of Production in Data-Centric Environments

data-centric envionments

  The IT world often speaks in terms of production (PROD) and non-production (NPROD) which can cover an endless set of functions including user acceptance testing, quality assurance, development, validation or staging. This separation is often used to denote environments…

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Five Ways Your Machine Learning Model Is like Cookie Monster

At the highest, simplest level, a machine learning (ML) model is an algorithm that ingests data and spits out insights, predictions or recommendations. It has two important phases—first you have to train your model (training) then you let the model…

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2019 Tech Geek Gift Giving Guide

It’s that time of year again!  Each year around the holidays, we offer gift ideas for the tech geek on your list — any data lover, IT pro, or fan of cool technology. And this year is no exception. The…

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How the cloud may finally solve the data silo problem

Not loving your data? You’re not alone. Accessing corporate and external data to gain insight and get ahead is critical—but it isn’t easy. One source claims 90 percent of digital information is unstructured and locked in siloed repositories, meaning departments…

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Data lovers’ gift guide 2018

Can’t figure out what to get that special data professional on your list? Back by popular demand, our Data lover’s gift guide helps you choose the perfect gift for that data analyst, visualizer, engineer, BI pro or data scientist on…

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Breaking down data silos: BI’s broken data integration promise

This is the first in a series of four posts on the breaking down data silos to gain more complete, accurate business insights. When setting up a data program for your organization, it can make sense to start by adopting…

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