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The Five Key Marketing Trends Data is Shaping in 2023

As data transforms every industry, we explore the shifting dynamics of the marketing industry and technology while exploring how data will be affected. Marketing continues to change on two fronts: consumer attention is harder to obtain as their behaviors shift,…

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Data is a Powerful Companion for Life

Dear Data, Growing up in the product world, I always wanted to get to know you better. You were there but hidden in plain sight. You were in the analytics or Mixpanel events we gathered to measure our products’ performance….

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Data Leads to Discovery

  Hi Data,  Our love story began when I was a young kid. It was love at first sight for me. Remember when we compared NBA stats and looked in Beckett Basketball Card Magazine to predict which cards in my…

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Coming Home to Data’s Transformational Power

Dear Data, Thank you for all you have given me over the years—for all the hard lessons, the great insights, the information, and the confirmation and disconfirmation. You have been a North Star for me, helping me to see a…

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Data and analytics give businesses purpose

The Core of Existence, Data Gives Purpose Dear Data, I admit that I think of you often and cherish the time we spend together. When we met in the mid 90’s, I didn’t realize that you would have such a…

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Improving Your Digital Velocity

digital velocity

In our digital first world, an organization’s value manifests through the release of new products, features, and capabilities for users. The faster an organization can release innovative capabilities and gain widespread adoption in the user base, the higher the bar…

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Discussing Data Lineage– Its Definition, Use, and Value

data lineage

Previously, we discussed metadata and how it has become the connective glue in modern data architectures that allows different technologies to have common layers of reference for process and access automation. Centralized metadata storage through common data catalogs and features stores…

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Datascape Episode 60: Data Strategy, Data Literacy, Monetization, and More with Joey Jablonski

datascape 60

Episode 60 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. VP of Analytics Joey Jablonski joins us to discuss data-related trends and challenges, as well as his 20+ year career in technology, including his time at the US Department…

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Trends in Retail

retail data

Every industry is getting transformed by data, with retail amongst the most dramatic and fastest paced. As consumers become  increasingly demanding, a seamless experience between the digital and in-store expectations for both customers and employees also evolve.     The retail industry is experiencing a…

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Data Monetization Through Data Marketplaces

data monetization

Many organizations hear “third-party data” and jump to the consumption of external data for augmenting their in-house generated and curated datasets. But there’s another aspect of third-party data, which is providing it back to others for their consumption. This is…

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