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Online Data Migration from SQL Server to Cloud Spanner Using Striim


This post will focus on the implementation of a continuous migration from SQL Server to Cloud Spanner using Striim. It includes steps for configuring an initial load and a continuous data replication using change data capture. However, I don’t cover …

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Cutting Costs And Building Sales By Migrating To Google Cloud Platform

If you’re running any kind of e-commerce enterprise, you already know that your business lives and dies by the speed of your page loads. Online shoppers are notoriously impatient, and every second of delay for the user increases the likelihood…

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Considerations for Converting from Oracle to Other RDBMS Platforms

Oracle software is known for being complex, expensive, and even cumbersome. However, while legacy database management systems (DBMS) like Oracle often hang around well past their best before date – in many cases due to corporate inertia and well-worn habit…

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Database migration: how to handle large tables

In the previous blog, we presented a simple database migration approach using Apache Nifi. Following our previous blog, here we present approaches to handling the migration of large database tables. If you have not had a chance to read our…

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Database migration using Apache NiFi

Introduction Apache NiFi is a powerful tool for data migration. It provides an easy to use interface to connect to a database server and perform data ingestion and data extraction. This blog post explains a sample NiFi flow to migrate…

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