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Big Savings on Oracle REDO Via Temp UNDO

oracle redo

Reduce the REDO generation in your Oracle database by setting one parameter.

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Statspack vs. AWR: Wrong number of SQL Executions


This post is about a Statspack anomaly I discovered while analyzing execution trends of a particular SQL on one of our clients’ databases. I decided to share it, since its appearance can be misleading. The database in question was an…

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DML by Unique Index Supposedly Affecting Many Rows

This blog post is based on a real customer case, and illustrates how v$sql reports execution statistics for certain DML types of operations (I purposely have not named which DML types … yet). These reports can be misleading when troubleshooting…

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Select vs Assign – How To Assign PL/SQL Variables

When writing PL/SQL, should you use ‘select from dual’ to assign variable values? The answer may surprise you.

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Will Your Database (and Sales) Survive Christmas 2020?

The 2020 edition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is now behind us. But smart organizations are still studying it closely. That’s because, for better or worse, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have a lot to say about how well…

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