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Why your Cassandra cluster scales poorly

Apache Cassandra promises linear scalability and workload distribution, among many other features—and rightly so. However, as with many good things in life, these benefits come with a set of upfront conditions. When the use case aligns with the architectural limitations,…

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Interesting variations in outcome when cloning a CDB with a subset of PDBs in Oracle

Recently I was working on a client request where a CDB along with a subset of its PDBs had to be cloned to a new server for testing purposes. This post illustrates that in certain circumstances the outcome of this…

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Slow Query in eBS AutoConfig with DB 19c

slow query

We recently completed a few e eBS R12.2 database upgrade installations and noticed an issue with a particular SQL running as part of the AutoConfig.       The query sql_id is 5da8tjzfafw6j and it looks like this (formatted): select…

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Datascape Episode 55: The State of Database Security in 2022

episode 55

Episode 55 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. In today’s show, Simon Pane talks about what database security will look like in 2022. Together the hosts discuss various topics, including the current state of enterprise database security,…

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Moving your Oracle Database to the Cloud? Here’s Why You Should be Thinking Google Cloud

Oracle has long been a top choice for relational databases—but migrating those workloads to the cloud requires a lot more effort than a simple lift and shift. Oracle databases are typically large and complex, so if you’re looking to migrate…

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How to Transform Your Legacy SAP Environment with Google Cloud

In the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market, SAP is the recognized market leader, with a massive installed base around the world. But much of that installed base is running on-premises ERP. As part of its commitment to the future of…

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Best Practices to Follow When Migrating to Google Cloud

If you’ve been running workloads on-premises for years, migrating to the cloud can be a daunting prospect. You probably already have some workloads in the cloud (public, private or both), but they’re most likely workloads that were considered ‘low-hanging fruit’…

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Bugs with iscsi-initiator-utils*-

This is a quick post for anyone experiencing iSCSI (Internet Small Computer Systems Interface) target login issues on Linux 8. Symptoms include: 1. Upon machine start, iSCSI node target logon does not succeed automatically during the boot process. (This was…

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How to Clean up Trace and Audit Files for Multiple Homes

I’ve been working on a simple method to clean up audit and trace files for multiple homes. Let’s see how grid and database homes can be found from oratab. $ sort -u -t : -k 2,2 /etc/oratab | grep -v…

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Creating a Read-Only Account on Database with VPD or Label Security

I have an interesting case to share in this post. The story started when a client asked for a read-only account (let’s call it RO_USER) with access to objects under another schema (let’s call it SCHEMA_OWNER). Easy going, right? Create…

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