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Data Guard Broker—ORA-16714: The Value of Property LogFileNameConvert Is Inconsistent with the Database Setting

This seems like a simple message to fix, right? The parameter is different between the broker configuration and the database parameters—it was most likely changed directly on the database after the DG (Data Guard) broker configuration was created or the…

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Trace on Standby: Tracing MRP Process

Sounds simple, right? And it really is, although it might not seem obvious. Recently, I ran into an issue when trying to start a trace in a standby. The idea was to start a trace in MRP to monitor performance….

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Let DataGuard Broker Do ALL The Work

What’s the reason for implementing DataGuard Broker? It does all the work. eg. Test system has been shutdown and upon startup, encountered error as shown. Shutdown database and startup mount. Check DataGuard status using dgmgrl. Note: standby recovery was automatically…

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