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Pythian at Cassandra Summit 2016

Vanessa Simmons, Director of Business Development at Pythian, provides a sneak peek of Pythian programming at Cassandra Summit 2016.

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DataStax OpsCenter upgrade (4.1 to 5.1) for Cassandra – issue and resolution

Yabin Meng, Datastax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra Consultant at Pythian, discusses the DataStax OpsCenter upgrade (4.1 to 5.1) for Cassandra.

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Why move to Cassandra?


Have you asked yourself, “why move to Cassandra?”. Pythian expert, Carlos Rolo, provides an analysis of why you should be the next one to move to Cassandra.

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Keeping Cassandra alive

Troubleshooting Cassandra Under Pressure This is the second blog post in the series. This is a bit more technical than the first one. I will explain some things that can be made to keep a cluster/server running when you are…

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From 0 to Cassandra – An exhaustive approach to installing Cassandra

All around the Internet you can find lots of guides on how to install Cassandra on almost every Linux distro around. But normally all of this information is based on the packaged versions and omit some parts that are deemed…

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