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Hello from New Zealand

This month’s postcard comes from Pythian veteran Shara French who manages a busy team of DBAs from across the globe. Check out how this active country girl and dog mom gets her work done while surrounded by panoramic views of…

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Big Savings on Oracle REDO Via Temp UNDO

oracle redo

Reduce the REDO generation in your Oracle database by setting one parameter.

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Namaskara from Bangalore Namaskara


This month’s postcard comes to us from India. This is our first Pythia—aka one of the women of Pythian—spotlight of 2022. What better way to celebrate National Women’s History Month? Read on to learn more about database administrator Archita Chauhan….

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Why Comprehensive Health Checks for MS SQL Servers Matter: Part 1

sql healthcheck

How you access and retrieve data is crucial to your database’s performance and resilience: the more transactional or analytical the data processing requirements for applications, the greater the likelihood of introducing inefficiencies. As these inefficiencies increase, you may need to…

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Adding DML Parallelization to Oracle Jobs

code on screen laptop

When investigating why an Oracle job is taking a long time to execute, normally the DBA will identify the DML instructions or select queries running longer and different approaches might be used to improve the performance, e.g., create new indexes,…

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Can Concurrent Processing Abort Help Automation and Predictable Maintenance?

On the surface concurrent processing (CP) looks simple; a new request is pending for a while, then it runs and is completed. However in the background it’s extremely complicated with all the statuses, schedules, permissions, incompatibilities, etc. If you’d like…

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Loading “Views” from One Database to Another

Loading “views” from one database to another seems to be a simple request, right?  Let’s go to the regular cases/simple answers: Use DBMS_METDATA.GET_DDL to get the view code: DBMS_METADATA.get_ddl (‘VIEW’, <VIEW_NAME>, <OWNER>) Use datapump with include=VIEW, or even specifying the…

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How to Make Oracle Use the Correct Index

Learn a simple method to make Oracle use the index required for a SQL Query.

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DBAs and the Cloud: Evolving Roles and New Challenges

Do businesses have the right skills and expertise internally to take full advantage of both the tactical and strategic benefits of the cloud? To help you determine what skills are needed on your team, we’ve developed a list of 5 key skills of modern DBAs in the era of cloud. And for a complete picture of what cloud means for your DBA team, Warner Chaves, one of Pythian’s principal consultants, has written a white paper outlining how database management is different in the cloud, and the key skills the modern DBA must have.

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Three Announcements from Oracle OpenWorld You Probably Didn’t Hear

The buzz from OpenWorld this year was the permanently free Oracle Cloud offering, the new Exadata X8M (reportedly capable of 12 million I/O per second!), Oracle Autonomous Cloud at Customer, and the new Blockchain table. Here are three interesting or…

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