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Automating Scripts Via SSH


Have you ever logged on to a Linux machine, only to be greeted by a prompt requesting you make some choice? It’s probably a script being called from .bash_profile or .profile, and that script doesn’t let you exit until a…

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Leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics Service Integrations

azure synapse analytics

One of the biggest drivers of cloud adoption is the promise of tightly integrated first-party services. Microsoft applied this idea to the analytics space by crafting and releasing Synapse Analytics back at the end of 2019. With integration as part…

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How to Use DockerSlim to Reduce Image Sizes

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Learn how to test the capabilities of docker-slim on Java and Python images and containerized Spring and Flask apps.   If you’ve ever worked with Docker, there’s likely been at least one time when it started taking up significant storage…

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Harnessing the power of Jinja2 with Ansible

Configuration files management is the core component of every configuration management tool. Templates are one of the best methods for creating configuration files as they allow dynamic variables. Ansible has a template module that uses Jinja2 in its core. Jinja2…

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Lessons learned from debugging application performance in Cloud

Lift and shift migration using tools like Cloudendure is the fastest way to migrate ‘on premises’ systems to Google Cloud. When the migration is complete, the environment can be refactored to use cloud-native capabilities. During application testing after a recent automated…

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Releasing puppet-proxysql version 2.0.0

Everyone knows those situations where there is a task that you need to do and you want to do, but you just don’t come around to actually doing it. Well, for me, this new release was such a task. Early…

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DevOps: five trends for 2019 and beyond

The 2019 technology forecasts are still a few months away, but some predictions are already a safe bet — especially when it comes to DevOps. New estimates from IDC suggest that the DevOps software market will grow from its 2017…

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DevSecOps: what all DevOps should be

Today the value of DevOps is well understood, at least by IT professionals. In the IT community, DevOps is almost universally accepted as being superior to traditional software development. By breaking down departmental silos, DevOps unifies development and operations teams…

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Site reliability engineering – networking

Introduction In this blog post, I’m not going to talk about what the term SRE means or how it works. My understanding is that Google has invented the term “Site Reliability Engineer” and that this is Google’s way of doing…

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Exporting custom metrics to influxdb

In the TICK stack from influxdata , Telegraf is used to collect and send data to influxdb. Metrics in Influxdb can then be viewed using visualization tools like Grafana. There are several input and output plugins for telegraf, which can…

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