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Data Strategy & Digital Transformation

Our previous post discussed how data governance is an enabler when implemented early and aligned with data strategy initiatives. The application of data strategy priorities as part of our data governance programs ensures teams can deliver high-quality and trustworthy data….

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Improving Your Digital Velocity

digital velocity

In our digital first world, an organization’s value manifests through the release of new products, features, and capabilities for users. The faster an organization can release innovative capabilities and gain widespread adoption in the user base, the higher the bar…

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How a Well-Planned SAP S/4HANA Migration Can Be a Catalyst for Digital Transformation

This is the second in a three-part Pythian blog series on the benefits, challenges and considerations surrounding a migration to SAP S/4HANA. Read the first post here. So, you’re planning to migrate your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to SAP …

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Five good reasons to make digital transformation a full-time job

Lynda Partner, Vice President of Marketing at Pythian, shares a discussion with IT professionals around designating a project owner, or product manager, for major digital transformation projects.

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A practitioner’s assessment: digital transformation

Pythian guest blogger Rohinee Mohindroo provides her assessment of digital transformation.

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