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How to migrate data from Cassandra to Elassandra in Docker containers

A client recently asked us to migrate a Cassandra cluster running in Docker containers to Elassandra, with the data directory persisted via a bind mount. Elassandra is a fork of Cassandra integrated closely with Elasticsearch, to allow for a highly scalable…

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Cassandra open-source log analysis in Kibana, using filebeat, modeled in Docker

I was recently asked to set up a solution for Cassandra open-source log analysis to include in an existing Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana (ELK) stack. After some research on more of the newer capabilities of the technologies, I realized I could use “beats”…

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Updating Elasticsearch indexes with Spark

With the extensive adoption of Elasticsearch as a search and analytics engine, more often we build data pipelines that interact with Elasticsearch. And apparently, most often the processing framework of choice is Apache Spark. Although reading data from Elasticsearch and…

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